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Community Forests Canada

Community Forests Canada (CFC) was founded in 2009 by Canadian tree-planters.

Through collaboration and innovation, CFC and partners have protected and restored forests across the Maritimes, often in areas experiencing some of the highest rates of deforestation in Canada.

Recognized as one of North America’s most endangered forests by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Wabanaki-Acadian forest is a unique ecosystem found nowhere else on Earth. Its range includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Maine and Quebec. Today, less than five percent of the Wabanaki-Acadian Forest survives in its natural state, while its land base has some of the highest industrial forest use in the world.

Our Core Values

Climate, Community, Collaboration

We believe in community empowerment through collaboration with natural systems. We believe that restoration is not exclusive to enterprise, and we believe that forests are our allies in the fight against climate change. Every CFC tree is protected, and our projects are guaranteed never to be clearcut again. These forests are our greatest allies in the fight against climate change and in efforts to protect biodiversity. Help us bring them back!

Our Model

CFC deploys a long-term, climate-adaptive planting framework. Contrary to industrial reforestation, typically focused on two or three softwood species best suited for timber, CFC plants a diverse range of high ecological value species native to the Wabanaki-Acadian forest. We work with expert forest scientists and forestry professionals in the Maritimes region to ensure our reforestation plans will accelerate the land’s potential to flourish in years to come. You can learn more about Wabanaki-Acadian forest adaptation from our partners at Community Forests International.
With a long-term, multi-species restoration approach at the foundation of our work, we help our partners to remove degraded land from the extraction cycle and protect it using legal mechanisms – never to be clearcut again. Within 10-15 years, newly restored forests begin to draw a significant amount of carbon out of the atmosphere, a process that increases exponentially as the trees are allowed to mature.

Our Services

Tree Planting 2.0

We plant only native Wabanaki-Acadian tree species. You can learn more about our tree-planting model from our partners at Community Forests International. For planters, we offer fair wages and blocks that are never clearcut again. Get in touch if you think tree-planting with CFC might be right for you.

Trail Building

Our trail-building experts will help you to create a lasting and easy-going access to the woods using natural materials sourced onsite.


Sponsor a project, adopt a clearcut and make an impact of your own. Our block-sized project partners and large donors are the proud stewards of forests reborn and protected forever.

Forest Care

For our industry partners and small woodlot owners, we offer a variety of forestry services including thinning, patch cutting, and crop tree release. If you’ve got a restoration vision for your own forest, young or old, we’re here to help you to make it a reality. You bring the dream, we bring the hustle.


Together, our team has more than 40 years of forest biology, reforestation and climate forest adaptation experience. We’ll bring our expertise to your forest.

Aerial Photography

Get to know your forest from a bird-eye view by working with our aerial drone pilots.

Let's Get To Work!

Fight climate change and restore biodiversity with Community Forests Canada.